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Learn how providers are maximizing revenue with
Unparalleled Visibility into Clinical Performance
...from Staff Incentives to Revenue Opportunities to Cost Breakdowns

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Analytics Solutions for Health & Human Services 

Helping Behavioral Health Organizations
Retool and Position for Success   


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Transformative Data Reports and Visualizations incorporating data from your EHR of choice, payroll & HR systems, financial systems, and more.

For more than twenty years, iCentrix has been helping behavioral health providers gain deep insights into how to manage and improve clinical performance, staff productivity, the revenue cycle, population health/care coordination and outcomes.

Bridging the Gap Between Financial and Clinical Services 

September 13, 2023

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Performance Reporting, Bridging the Gap Between Clinical and Financial Data, Staff Productivity & Management, Clinical Productivity, and Missed Revenue Opportunities...

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Your data.  Your dashboards.  Aligned to Your needs...

Standardized Behavioral Health Dashboard Modules:

Dashboards Customized to Organization:

Your Data from any resource:

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Our Team

The iCentrix Analytics team has been dedicated to Behavioral Health organizations for more than 20 years, utilizing this experience in a way to create the most comprehensive knowledge base in the industry.


Our clients enjoy working with us because of our focus on your team's needs, depth of industry knowledge, and the real-life examples we bring to every project.


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Behavioral Health Data Analytics. Our Singular Focus for More than 20 Years
Developing meaningful data reports and visualizations for hundreds of providers has enabled iCentrix to offer deep insight
s into the unique needs of behavioral health providers, serving in all areas of behavioral health including outpatient, residential, child and family, development disabilities, and physical health.  

iCentrix’ goal is to understand what information you need to support management objectives, then make it accessible, understandable, and actionable for all stakeholders. Pulling in the right data from all your disparate data sources builds upon iCentrix’ standardized base models, and provides you with the important insights needed, from clinical, to financial, to care coordination.   

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