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Productivity Management

Real-Time Tracking to Achieve Program and Contract Revenue Goals

Productivity Management

iCentrix Analytics has designed and implemented more than 140 Productivity Management Systems for Behavioral Health providers. This experience has allowed us to leverage those best practices that providers have already developed for measuring and managing productivity. One of the tenants of gaining consensus with leadership, supervisors and clinicians is to mirror those practices that have already been matured within the organization.  


Examples of results that providers have obtained by upgrading their productivity management strategies and tools include a 30% increase in revenue by one provider as compared to prior year, and a $2.6M increase in revenue by another provider in one quarter compared to prior year. These organizations already had well-developed productivity processes and reporting systems in place. The difference that led to widespread adoption was increased visibility to information and greater traction through more meaningful dialogue about productivity between managers and clinicians.


Key characteristics of productivity management systems that obtained significant increases in productivity are listed below:

1)    Automated daily updates,
2)    Real-time access for clinicians as well as supervisors, 
3)    Interactive drilldowns and slices to help supervisors and clinicians understand factors affecting the productivity numbers, 
4)    Widespread utilization by both supervisors and clinicians.

behavioral health productivity

Productivity by Program Comparison


Sample Productivity KPI's in a dashboard format

Productivity 1.jpg
Productivity 2.jpg

Sample Productivity KPI's dill-downs to Staff and Client detail

Productivity - Lessons Learned and Provider Experiences:


Looking at eight productivity management systems for behavioral health providers with various characteristics. Between them, these represent most of the methods, issues and techniques applicable in the universe of productivity management. We thought it might be helpful to summarize some of the lessons learned from these  and offer them in a paper for your review. 



Productivity Management

For a paper that discusses Productivity Management and Lessons Learned from first-hand experience working with Behavioral Health leadership and staff, please submit your request. 

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