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Our Vision

iCentrix Analytics specialists have worked with Behavioral Health organizations of all sizes across the United States for the past 16 years. Our goal is to make a significant change in the outcomes our customers are able to achieve for their clients by better understanding their data.


For the first time, we are seeing a rapidly changing landscape driven by healthcare reform and Value-Based Payment where providers must adjust the way they have been providing services almost over night. Our subject matter experts have been providing solutions that address new and complex requirements where traditional reporting methodologies fall short. 


Change is the only given and our experience is key to providing leading-edge solutions that are revolutionizing the way providers transition into new Value-Based Payment accountability modes. 


We have amassed a wealth of domain experience touching on every aspect of  Value-Based Care Delivery including Revenue and Cost Analysis, Contract Management, Billing, Staff Utilization, Care-Coordination, Client History and Integrated Care/Outcomes. 

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