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Real-Time Tracking to Achieve Program and Contract Revenue Goals

Financial Performance Management

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Performance Reporting, Bridging the Gap Between Clinical and Financial Data, Staff Productivity & Management, Clinical Productivity, and Missed Revenue Opportunities...

Bridging the Gap Between Financial and Clinical Performance
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Comparable Graphs/Data

  • Clinical focus on no show rate, productive hours, caseload count, etc.

  • Billing/Accounting focus on expected/collected revenue

  • Productive hours vs. units

    • Units can be used with event-based billing and more traditional behavioral health HCPCS activities. 

    • Slicing and dicing becomes easier when drilling down to the activity level.

Revenue-Driven Management of Clinical Operations


iCentrix Analytics Financial Performance Management platform provides a comprehensive data-driven approach for managing financial health in a Fee-for-Service or Value-Based Service environment. Designed for CFO’s, senior leadership, and their support staff, the Financial Management Platform makes all information available to subject matter experts and senior leadership, without requiring technical expertise or technical support staff.

The system leverage’s financial targets for measuring contract and program performance to automate the financial management tracking process, tracking program service delivery targets against actual to determine whether clinical service revenue generation goals are being met (targets are constructed simply by filling out the KPI Targets information file).

Specific Fee-for-Service revenue generation goals are facilitated by automation of provider-specific measures of service delivery, tailored to the provider’s specific payer, contractual, and clinical service delivery environments (examples include tracking Bed Days / Enrolled Days, Units, Billable Hours, Face-To-Face Therapy Sessions, Medical Appointments, etc.).

The platform provides algorithms for mapping billed revenue back to the original service (or services in the case of roll-ups), to provide an accurate revenue and billed unit picture from billing to clinical managers, closing the gap between clinical performance and financial performance.

Many organizations have their internal staff extracting information from their EMR's for analysis, and they often struggle settling for approximations due to the inherent complexity. The iCentrix FPM platform is able to perform the operation accurately with daily updates, allowing analysis staff to be freed from the technical translation work, to spend their time managing and identifying shortfalls and opportunities for improvement.

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