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We are all set…our EMR has a built in Dashboard!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

We have heard this before. Sort of like the message “Objects in rear view mirror may appear larger than they actually are.” And, you can’t blame the EMR companies for trying. This has become a favorite check box for consultants poking at a potential weakness in their latest EMR RFP being sent out to the universe.

Here are some things to consider….

Business Intelligence is tricky stuff. Nothing is out of the box! EMR companies do what they do well which is build EMR's. If they have a “dashboard,” there is a very good chance that it is a licensed, 3rd party product. (Ask them how many internal staff are dedicated to this team.) These tend to be generalized so someone in Florida and someone in Minnesota can use it. Hmmm…what about Texas?

What if you need to add data from another data source? Where does that go?

And, be prepared to be doing a lot of building yourself as these are not aligned to your business processes.

Most EMR companies are offering dashboards as a “tool” even though BI is not their core competency. Do not bank on your dashboard to be solving your needs as they relate to Value-Based Service Delivery. Out of the box, these will never provide you with the metrics needed in order to survive the wrath of your ACO’s, MCO's, IPA’s, BHCC's and every other acronym. You may not be all set.

Talk to iCentrix Analytics about how one might plan and implement a successful strategy leveraging analytical dashboards and business intelligence technology to be a "Value-Based Payment ready" organization.

Call Doug Philipon at 603-893- 3922 x703 or email today to hear more.

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