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Are you driven to become “data-driven” or just being driven around in circles?

Becoming “data-driven” is on the minds of every senior executive in behavioral health today. And yes, it is more than a buzz word and yes, it is important enough such that your existence as a center of excellence depends on it. Having worked with over 150 organizations, iCentrix Analytics knows the importance of this shift where our industry has moved away from pure volume-based delivery models and are being held to new standards based on the value of care and achieved outcomes.

To accomplish this monumental task amidst everything else will require the efforts of the entire team. It starts with individual providers meeting goals right up to the leadership staff setting obtainable targets and providing the tools for self-measurement.

Talk to iCentrix Analytics about how one might plan and implement a successful strategy leveraging dashboards and business intelligence technology to become a data-driven organization. We can help you better understand what it takes to be successful in advance such that you have a measurable ROI heading into the project.

Call Doug Philipon at 603-893- 3922 x25 or email today to hear more.

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